Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Saturday!

Well so lots of things that I should post to catch up but... this tops it all. So here goes..
I have been emailing with a girl who I met through blogging that just lost her son this last March. Even though we havent talked (emailed) alot I have felt that we were ment to meet each other. So today Darrell and I went to look at sofas.. first to the Gray Mill, but we ended up passing it so we decided to go to the Gallery first. So we did end up at the Gray Mill and as I am walking back I see this couple at the desk and the lady turns around and I am just stunned. I know that I was totally staring just in shock. I couldnt believe it , it was Mandy.
So I ended up going up to her and its like we both had an Ahh haa! moment. How random! Neither of us had a problem talking to each other. Mandy it was so great to talk to you!

So.. just had to add that to our blog. Oh btw Mandy is starting a Run in memory of her son Conner. It will be March 28 - I will keep you posted to the details. But as for me... that will give me time to get ready for a 5k. I know to you avid runners it sound like a small thing, but for someone who hasn't ran... well that will explain it all!

Hope you all are doing well .... oh without this it wouldn't be completely random...
The other you will never guess what thing....
I bought alot of creamer today! No.. really... alot.... I think with coupons, and discounts I ended up paying less than 45 cents for my Mint mocha creamer ..... and the number well... lets say I spent a little under 10.00 . you do the math!! LOL!!
Have a good one!

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