Monday, March 8, 2010

This makes me melt!!

I just cant believe how stinkin big she is getting! She is such a sweet girl, yesterday we asked her what she wanted to pray for at lunch... she said a list of her friends, and thank Jesus for our house... I love this age!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

7 days to go!!

Well I thought that I would get on here and update that we have just days to go before our due date! Little miss is taking her sweet time and still jumping around like she is just having a blast! I am nesting like crazy and loving it, Lots of things planned for today! I keep finding awesome deals and stocking up on things that we will be using soon...
like... Thurs. My husband is the mgr at our local Walgreens and they are all the time having great deals and such. My friend Megan also works there and she is the coupon queen, amazing the deals she gets, I just have negelected to take the time to really search. Anyway~ They clearanced their store brand diapers so I ended up making runs to quite a few Walgreens Between Meg and I we totally wiped out Darrells store, then went to 6 other stores, and yes it was worth my time and gas. I will have to take a pic before I store them away, but I ended up spending about $97 and saved over $350!! Also picked up pull ups for my niece and for a friend depending on the store I either spent .97 for 3 pks or .17 for 3 pks! I was having fun, and it was a great time with Bella.. she kept asking, "now is this one daddys Walgreens?" She had to be thinking " Seriously how many Walgreens can there be??"
Then this week we found a great deal on a sit and stand stroller with infant bar, yeah! Cant wait to try that out! And scored some great deals on Ebay for some much needed baby clothes to start us off ( Bella and baby are totally opposite seasons).
Well thats the update on us, How are you all doing??