Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well just thought that I would say "Hey!" and let you all know that I havent fallen off of the face of the earth! (Sorry Elizabeth!!) Things here have been really busy this week. I work at a daycare for-with a very dear friend of mine and over the next 2 weeks the "boss lady" is gone. (when she reads this she will kill me for that statement! :P ) She and her husband are gone with a group from church to Israel. I am really happy for her to have this opportunity, she has wanted to go for about 40 years or so. No matter how excited I am for her I cant wait for them to get back!! Have I mentioned yet that I really miss them? Well there was about 9-11 people that we just love to death that have gone on this amazing trip. I am so excited for them all.
Anyway~~~ so getting sidetracked! Well soo as for the daycare-preschool stuff, well tonight was trick or treat night, and we (my sweet husband and I) stayed there tonight to see the kids all dressed up, give them the treats, take the ever traditional pictures of each costume, ect...
This would be our 4th night in a row that we have been busy from dawn till dusk! And yet tomorrow night is our Bowling night!! I am really hoping that we do well tomorrow. Right now we are in 1st place... hoping to hold on to it!
I will post some pics later! Good night for now!

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