Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hey all! I just thought that I would share some pics from the retreat in Lexington. I had such a refreshing time. Thank you to Angie for sharing Audreys story. This part of the retreat honestly is why I went. If you are not familiar with Angie and her story please check out her blog... Bring the rain on my blog list. Thank you also to the other ladies who spoke that weekend as well. Not going to share all of the great things that I learned, because you would be here a while. But one of the things that really hit home and was sooo amazing is.... Some of the ladies from the church walked across the stage with signs saying things like "Longed for acceptance" and then they would turn the sign and it would say something like "Accepted into the Family of God just the way I am" . So many very powerful things like that.

Well here is a pic of the girls that we sat with... at the last minute a friend from church decided she would go with me to the retreat. We met some very sweet ladies Shelia,Mardi, and Terri.

Mardi, Michelle S. Sheila, and yours truely :)

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