Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny facts for Friday~

So I have been reading this book called "Heaven at Home" by Ginger Plowman I highly recommend this to all of you. I bought this at a ladies retreat this fall and its the best book! I wanted to share this funny fact about men and their thinking. She took it from a book "Capture His heart, Lysa Terkeurst. So here you are....enjoy!
Conversation between Husband and wife - I laughed and Laughed as I read this dialogue!

Wife: Hi, honey, how was your day?
Husband: Good,
W: Mine too. I took Hope and Ashley for their well checkups today.(Meaning I took the girls to the doctor today, not because they were sick but because it was time for their annual physicals)
H: (Silently wondering what our well water needed to be checked for and how our daughters fit into the same sentence)
W: (Feeling a little frustrated at his silence, which I interpret as a lack of caring) And they were fine... (thinking Not that you seem to care.)
H:(Still wondering what our well water needed to be checked for and how the daughters fit into it.)
W: Anyhow, (obviously annoyed), on the way to the doctor's office I was driving down Providence Road, and I noticed all the trees had black tape wrapped around them. It appears to be some sort of pest control treatment. Do you think that our trees could be in danger of these bugs? Because if so, I think I'd like to try this tape stuff, which is probably a lot sager than spraying chemicals that could harm the children.You know I just don't think that our government is doing enough to protect our kids from dangerous pesticides. So, do you think I should spend extra money at the grocery store of organic produce? If so, I'll need you to add some money to my grocery budget.
H:(Wondering how the well, our daughters, the trees on Providence Road, and the government's stand on pesticides could end in a request to spend more money. He decides to play it safe.) I don't know, honey; I'll have to think about it.
W:(astonished at his lack of concern for our family's health, begins to cry.)You'll have to think about what? We are talking about our daughter's lives here and all you can say is you'll think about it!
H:(Baffled, still not understanding how any of this relates to our daughter's lives but clearly understanding I'm asking for more money again.) Why are you so emotional, and why are you always nagging me for more money? (He realizes he shouldn't have said nagging, remembering he got something thrown at him the last time he used that word. He regrets his choice of word and ducks just in case)
W: Nagging? You call caring for our children,nagging? You are so insensitive..... you're impossible. You're not worth wasting any more of my breath! (Stomp, stomp, stomp, slam.)
H: Women!What's the deal? And what did she ever say was wrong with our well?

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AmandaHoyt said...

Very funny! I think sometimes people only hear what they want to hear (or not hear) :)