Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guest Book... Sign here!!

Ok.. I am totally loving the fidget thing (thanks Amanda!) It is so fun to see where you all are! I have been wondering... is there a way to put a guest book on your blog. If anyone knows please let me know!

For right now, just post a comment as you are signing a guest book - Comment on whatever you want. On Sunday I will draw for a winner and you will be getting a gift from Me!!
Dont ask.. I havent totally decided yet, but it will be awesome!!!

Hope to hear from you all!!


Tasha said...

Hey Michelle!I am the first to sign your "guest book"!See ya at the Christmas party tommorrow!

Brian and Carrie Saunders said...

Hi, I stumbled on to your blog for the first time today. My heart is heavy for you and I am lifting you in prayer. Try for a guestbook. Have a great day and it was nice to meet you:)

AmandaHoyt said...

Hey Lady,
Sorry I've been out of touch this week. Just been busy. Just got home from a Christmas party at some friend's church. It was fun and Cait got to talk to Santa (she's usually scared but we talked her into it)!
I'm so glad you got to set up the feedjit. It's cool, isn't it?!
There are guestbooks you can set up as widgets on blogger. Just go into the widgets section and search for one. If I happen to find one, I'll let you know.

Aspiemom said...

Hi- Amanda told me to check out your blog! I'm new to all of these blog gadgets, too. I see all kinds of neat things on blogs and wonder "how do they do that?".

AmyT said...

Hey Michelle! What a cute idea :-) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!