Saturday, December 13, 2008


haaaaa haa..... Well sort of.. Today Darrell is working all day (as he will from now till Christmas - well I think tomorrow is going to be his last actual day off) Such is life as a retail wife... (wow, its going to be a fun day).
Anyway. Isabella is making cookies with her cousins and visiting with her Auntie Robyn who just got home from Florida on break from college. She was sooo excited to see her "Wobbyn"
As I said Darrell is working and I have a day to myself. There are so many things that I am wanting to do that I am just worn out thinking about them.
First going to the MOPS meeting, then returning some things and doing a little bit of shopping, stopping at the childrens resale shop to unload some of the recently outgrown clothes (did I mention my Bella is getting so big - thought 18-24 would last us through the winter - think again mommy!). Then back home, get ready for our church Christmas party.. I just cant wait for that.
At the party we give white elephant gifts.. you know stuff that you really dont want or need... those things that you are given and say "Thank you" and in your head you are thinking(wow.. what am I really going to do with that??)
I will post pics of that later!! Well off to my fun exhausting day of freedom. Man I miss Bella already!

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AmandaHoyt said...

Glad you got a chance to get some things done. I really need one of those days :) LOL
Hope you chat with you again soon, friend.
Love your new profile pic :) are those Bella's cute toes?