Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a crazy day!!

Well.... I am glad to be sitting down in my comfies (comfy clothes) and relaxing! We have had a busy day full of events. Happy and absolutely stupid as well.
Our morning started off with getting up late... and thats never good, well.. as we are walking out the door, I hear Darrell say "What, AGAIN!" Yeah so for the 2nd time in 4 days our car window has been hit by someone who obviously needs a little kick. This time it was my car. We just got Darrells van back from the shop yesterday. - ok so here is where I want to put in that We are actually not as mad as we were, but we are praying that God will really prick this persons conscience. Did I mention we are the only ones being hit? Ok.. so moving on!
Next I went and practiced with our church organist for a music special for our Christmas Cantata Sunday. WOW is that going to be amazing when we get it all worked out! Cant wait!
Then we drove 2 of our great teens to deliver Thanksgiving Boxes to familys in need of a little added blessing.

Then the fun family part of the day, we celebrated Darrells Grandpas 96th Bday! It was great to see all the family and friends around. I think that all of Grandpa Cs' children where there. And just about all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. That was so fun to see the joy that it brought him. With being in the nursing home, even though we all try to visit, I know he is still lonely. He really is a social bug! When I get pics of this I will have to post them!
I am so blessed to be married into a godly family heritage. Great grandpa is such a wonderful christian man. I praise the Lord for the testimony that he is!
Well that is our day, happy that it ended on a much better note than it started!

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Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Michelle,
So sorry to hear about how the day started! So glad you ended up having a lovely day in the end.
Love, hugs and prayers,