Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back from the Bigger sky...

Well I am back from the warmth of the south! And did I mention how amazing it is to see sky that has NO CLOUDS!! Wow!!
Had a great time with our dear friends, I prayed that I would be a blessing to them and I think that I came back with the biggest blessing!
I miss them already.
Well I am really zonked but I wanted to mention a family before I close. I met someone on the plane at my connection in Detroit and I just want you to pray for them, I didn't get permission to post names, but I would like for you all to be praying.. their son has some really hard physical tests on Monday. So just keep them in your prayers... if I get an update or am allowed to share more I will.
God is so good all the time. As I was leaving the airport I was really missing the dear friends I had spent the week with. They were headed to FL and we wont be seeng them for a while.Trying to get my mind off of it I started reading and came across a saying that I really liked so I will leave you with that tonight.
"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good bye so hard"
What a blessing you are, we love you!

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