Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tonight after church we headed to our after church snack spot. We always have a group from church that ends up there. We always have a blast. But tonight we headed there and thought that we were going to be the only ones. But to our surprise another family from church ended up joining! Here are some pics of our Bella and her eatin' buddies. They love to help her!

The little cutie behind Bella is 'pretending' to be camera shy! His mommy and I both know that's a laugh!! However his big sister, Sara, had NO problem being silly for the camera!

I am so thankful for Christian friends that are not only encouraging by the way they want to be like Christ, but also LOADS of FUN!!

Speaking of Fellowship and LOADS OF FUN, here's some pics from our ladies retreat this past weekend. Here we are all ready to go!!!

We got to the camp and had enough time to get settled in before our first workshop for the day. Half of us went to a work shop on money saving tips (coupons, sales ect...), which by the way was right up my alley. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE finding steal deals! The other half, just in case you were wondering went to a workshop and made beaded bracelets. Those were really pretty!

Instead of going to the 2nd workshop time some of us went to the Zip line! Loved that...

This is Megan... She was soooo excited to go on the zip line she was jumping up and down all the way there!!LOL!! Here's Darlene striking a pose! Gotta love the hat!!

Speaking of the fun....

And so the war of FUN begins!! While our Pastors' wife was at a workshop we all got back from the zip line and decided have some more fun...
Here's our self proclaimed activities director!

After the evening service we all played a game that I was very new to,but it was sooo fun! This is now on my MUST HAVE game list. Here's a very end of day pic with my friend Rebekah.. we are so much alike in alot of areas. She is such a blessing to my life and I thank the Lord for having our lives apart of each others. Thanks for the hug, the understanding ear and the servants heart! You are truly a Proverbs 31~

Well not only are we sweet and innocent.... we also have a blast plotting together. To be honest this was the funniest thing in the world. We did this to Darlene and Michelle(our pastors' wife) and decided not to leave some of the others out!! He he heee!!

We all had such a great time, and enjoyed all of the pranks - late night fun.... if you want to see some more really great pics just go over to Darlenes blog .

I was blessed by the Word of God and how it affects our hearts. I am thankful for the opportunity to have gone, for a husband that wanted me to go, and for a great friend(and boss) who let me off of work so that I could go! Love ya! But most of all I thank the Lord for all of the things that He revealed to me, the safety that he gave us and the new friendships formed. Last pic.. Rebekah and I played a good ole game of tether ball.... well lets say she's a pro and leave it at that!

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