Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is what Iv'e been doing... How 'bout you??

Ok so it has been longer than what I would really like to admit since I did a post, so here's some pics with a bit of info next to each... Wow this is alot of stuff!!!

First We had Isabellas Bday party.... We made the cake and cupcakes! One of our friends helped and supervised the decorating. Thanks Felicia!

Then the Monday after that I was given 3-5gal. Buckets full of tomatoes of which I decided to can... have I mentioned I have never done that before?? Again I had some help with that from my friend Felicia! She truly has been a Godly Titus 2 women to me.

Then after getting 15 Quarts of tomatoes canned, I got the bug... I really had fun and my husband got excited about me canning. Still am trying to figure that one out. Anyway, my mother in law had a pear tree that she wasn't going to pick or do anything with... so anyone who knows me knows I get the best deals possible. Sooo......

Yes in deed these are the BIGGEST pears I have ever seen. They were as big as softballs and bigger!! We now have lots of pear preserves, pear sauce (like apple sauce) and pears slices!
Thanks mom!!
I am not going to post pics but I should add that we also were given 25 gal. of apples for applesauce! Yes I know I am officially CRAZY! Oh, oh... but then this was all getting done the week our church had revival services every night! LOL!!


Darlene R. said...

I like the cake, it was so cute. Good job!!

Marty Shuff said...

Michelle, I was just thinking of you and wanted to check out your blog. You have done an awesome job. Very nicely done. I wanted to share a couple of poems with you. Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment. take care and God bless. Marty Shuff (from Ky.)

Be Still and Hear My Voice

Why do you not take the time to sit quietly and wait upon my leading?

You are always in such a hurry never slowing down for even a moment.

There is so much I want to tell you, If you would only listen.

I only want what is best for you.
I want to help to guide you through.

How do I get your attention?
There is so much I want to show you,If you would only listen.

You are always running ahead of me,
Instead of waiting patiently.
I have a plan for you It is full of wonderful blessings.

There is so much I want to give to you, If you would only listen.

I will not raise my voice, as the world does, Instead I gently whisper.

You see, raising my voice does not require the closeness I desire.
But a whisper draws you near.

It is a secret shared between intimate friends, blown softly in your ear.

You see my friend, an intimate relationship is a choice.
So if you want to hear my voice,
Sit still my child and listen.

By: Marty Shuff

God’s Vessel

God, use me as your vessel. Pour it in so I can pour it out.

Let your words overflow onto everyone around me.

Allow your words to heal the broken hearted and bind up the wounded spirit.

Let them be a healing ointment to hurting souls.

Ease the pain and suffering of a misguided world.

Teach us to look at others through your eyes.

Help us to see what lies beneath the angry hateful words that spew from so many mouths.

Prick out hearts and prompt us to reach out and give a hug to a hurting soul.

Teach us to follow through when you nudge us to do something that makes us uncomfortable.

Help us to see that we don't need to understand your method.

But instead to trust that you know best.

By: Marty Shuff